How Versa Invest Grows Your Wealth

Your financial goals are necessary to build a better future for you. Yet, saving is not enough and growing wealth is more complicated than ever. Considering our busy lifestyle, having to pay the bills and finding the right investments – it can be a headache!

On the other hand, one investment isn’t enough. You need to diversify to minimise your losses. But diversifying needs more money! Not to mention it costs more to invest in exclusive funds that offer higher returns and even then you may not be able to even access it. 

If you’re investing in one or both of Versa Invest‘s Core funds or considering signing up, it’s important to understand how it can build your wealth with ZERO entry & exit fees AND lets you invest in multiple global funds at once. To start, let’s jump into the basics: what is Versa Invest, how it works, and what to expect.

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What is Versa Invest?

Versa Invest‘s Core funds is a collection of multiple top-class, global funds relative to user’s risk tolerances, which are actively managed by AHAM Capital Asset Management and global experts. Through Versa Invest, we offer two portfolios containing multiple global funds of varying risks and returns depending on what suits you best.

In other words, through a single investment, you are essentially essentially diversifying into multiple top funds at once! Unlike robo-advisors, Versa Invest’s Core funds bring in the skills and risk management oversight by a team of professional fund managers to manage your investments. In the Core funds, we have multiple global fund managers with a proven track record overseeing the funds. 

Traditionally, mutual funds have sales fees as high as 5% to incentivize agents to sell the funds. Most investors don’t realise how much these fees impact their returns. Imagine investing RM1,000 in a fund. Although you just started, the RM50 sales fee has already pushed your portfolio performance down by -5%. This also discourages investors from dollar-cost averaging as each investment comes with a cost. 

With Versa Invest’s Core funds, we charge ZERO sales and exit fees. This means you do not need to worry about any upfront fees eating into your returns when you invest in our portfolios. Dollar-cost averaging has never been easier with Versa Invest!

Why Versa Invest’s Core funds are ideal for investors with limited capital and prioritize diversification

One of the biggest barriers in investing are the high minimum investment required to sufficiently diversify as well as high sales fees. Well-performing funds have high entry barriers because they are meant for more sophisticated investors. With less investment choices, you end up growing your wealth more slowly.

Versa Invest overcomes this barrier because it offers portfolios made up of several types of funds that are not commonly accessible to the public. Through these portfolios, investors can access globally renowned funds that would usually require a high entry fee from RM1,000 to RM10,000.

How Versa Invest is positioned to beat the market and deliver returns to grow wealth

Versa Invest offers actively managed portfolios designed to beat the market with a combination of passive and active funds. Our funds have the flexibility to invest in active funds when they are well positioned to beat the market and passive funds such as ETFs in more efficient markets such as the S&P 500. Versa Invest allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds in order to deliver higher potential returns.

As Versa Invest includes global funds, you may also be wondering about the currency exchange risk and how it will impact your returns. With Versa Invest, that will be the least of your worries! To reduce currency risk and forex volatility, AHAM Capital Asset Management employs an active hedging strategy. Since the global funds mentioned may be denominated in a foreign currency, AHAM Capital Asset Management will use derivatives such as forward contracts and swaps to manage fluctuations in the currency exchange rate.

How Versa Invest offers convenience of investing and access to investing options commonly limited to the public

Investment advisors are hard to come by – what more top global fund managers! A Fund manager essentially represents the investor – managing the selection process and overseeing the funds. Our partner, AHAM Capital Asset Management, picks fund managers who have reputable experience in managing a portfolio of investments. The process includes checking their credentials as well as background checks of new fund managers. Through this process, managers with a bad reputation or a history of underperformance are weeded out.

Therefore, Versa Invest entrusts your money to experienced and qualified fund managers that will use their expertise to determine the right strategy to grow your wealth.

When investing, the first step is depositing. The next step?

Sit back and relax. To be a successful investor, you need two things: time and consistent effort.  But not everyone can juggle a full-time job and invest at the same time. 

Whether the market fluctuates or performs well, you need to make the next best decision for your investments. Versa Invest is ideal when you don’t want to deal with watching the markets, making adjustments and creating their investment allocation. Your fund manager will make the key decisions for your portfolio (or portfolios! *wink)  – thus, it’s a hands-off investment. 

You also get access to exclusive funds

As mentioned previously, our partner AHAM Capital Asset Management has relationships with primary managers who have been successful in the past, and who may be difficult for new investors to access.

With diversification and hands-off investing through a single investment, Versa Invest offers the seamless experience of growing your wealth

And we want to bring that to you.