Versa Moderate

Versa Moderate is a new fund created specifically for Versa in joint collaboration with AHAM Capital (formerly known as Affin Hwang Asset Management). Versa Moderate is an actively managed portfolio by AHAM Capital, designed to beat the market with a combination of passive and active funds.

Versa Moderate is suitable for retail investors who seek regular income, moderate capital growth and have a medium to the long-term investment horizon. 

The majority of the fund is invested in fixed income (74%). Traditionally, mutual funds have sales fees as high as 5%. But with,  Versa Moderate, you can access global equities starting with just RM100 and with zero sales fees! Moreover, The fund only has an annual management fee of 1%. with a minimum investment of only RM 100! 

If you are someone who has a medium-risk profile with a medium to long time horizon, this fund is for you!

To summarize,

  1. Regular Income and moderate capital growth-focused.
  2. Medium to Long-term time horizon.
  3. Actively managed.
  4. 1% annual management fee.
  5. RM100 minimum investment.