What’s your Money Personality?

Money making, money spending, your shopaholic tendencies, so many money-related topics. Have you ever thought about how you make your money decisions?

Are you a big spender, a frugal accountant or maybe you’re a money hippie who doesn’t care much? What is the first thing you do on a payday?

Just like an EQ or personality test, let’s break down the “why’s” behind your money decisions.

There are 4 in total, so which type of money personality are you?

The Money Lover

1. The Money Lover

You worship money. Your goal in life is to make as much as possible, and you’re probably always thinking about ways to increase the size of your wallet. From promo codes to sale seasons, you’re inclined to make the most for your buck. At the same time, you like to splurge on yourself and you’re super generous or just a bit of a show-off with your friends.

Things you love: Having lots of money to spend, save, and invest.

What gets you stressed: Anything that stops you from earning or making more money, like not enough time to take on another client for freelancing.

What motivates you: The increasing number in your bank account.

What you do on payday: You reallocate your funds into savings and spending budgets.

The Money Lover is always good at finding ways to make more, like which investments are better, so on and so forth. However, there is a downside. The obsession could take over, and you’ll find yourself falling into the danger of thinking only about numbers. Don’t forget to align your financial goals with the methods you’re using to achieve them.

The Avoider

2. The Avoider

You avoid money at all costs, pun intended. For you, money doesn’t last long and you tend to worry about how quickly it disappears. You also avoid looking at your bank account too often and prefer to automate your banking so you don’t have to deal with too many finances.

Things you love: Not thinking about anything money-related. Period.

What gets you stressed: Being forced to deal with the finances. Bills, loans, etcetera, money makes you queasy.

What motivates you: Not having to deal with money! Or maybe one day checking your account to see all your money still there.

What you do on payday: Usually, nothing. You’ve automated your banking, there’s nothing to do.

The Avoider usually doesn’t much care for the finer points of personal finance, not thinking about every single purchase made. However, you also don’t like to talk about money issues and your money situation with anyone. Which is unhealthy.

Learn to budget. By understanding the side effects of not squaring money away, you could maybe slowly combat your money anxiety.

The Spender

3. The Spender

Before your income can land, it’s on the take-off again. You take splurging to the next level, getting what you want, when you want it. It’s the shopaholic tendencies on steroids. This type of personality can be worrisome, so if this is you, we need to talk.

Things you love: Spending Money. Always.

What gets you stressed: Budgeting, running out of money, and having to curb your spending habits.

What motivates you: Hitting checkout, or swiping that credit card.

What you do on payday: Shop. Till you drop. Literally.

The Spender is someone who likes what they like. You have particular tastes, enjoy fine clothes and a certain type of lifestyle. Often to make that happen, you end up in mounds of credit card debt.

Being a spendthrift is fun, but you get into trouble easily. You need to learn how to stash money away and soon. Setting a budget for yourself or making a few smart investments can make your bank work better.

The Saver

4. The Saver

Just like the name suggests, you are a modern-day Mr/Ms. Saver. You are careful with your money and you have a lot of it. You carefully monitor your transactions and you make smart investments at every opportunity.

Things you love: A surplus of cash.

What gets you stressed: Money going down the drain. Or your emergency funds running out.

What motivates you: A financial security blanket. You can never have too much in the stash.

What you do on payday: You automate your billing and put money away immediately. You probably have multiple accounts for different savings purposes.

The Saver’s personality often cannot process a lack of funds. Whether it’s an emergency or an unexpected expense, you panic when large sums of money go out. To combat this, you might want to learn the benefits of spending money on occasion.

Self-deprivation is not a good thing, so say yes to yourself a little more.

So, what’s your money personality? and how can you be more financially secure?