Versa Gold

Versa Gold is our first Shariah-compliant fund and its underlying fund is the Affin Hwang Shariah Gold Tracker Fund. It is designed for retail investors who seek exposure to Gold through a Shariah-compliant investment structure with a very high-risk tolerance. Gold is also historically a good hedge against market uncertainties such as now.

The target fund is backed by physical gold, and stored in a secured vault. The fund tracks the movement of gold prices. With Versa Gold, you can start investing with just RM100! The fund only charges an annual management fee of 0.30% and zero sales fees.

Historically, people have held on to gold to survive many collapsing empires, political turmoil and the collapse of currencies. Gold’s resilience during those periods of financial and geopolitical uncertainties has led it to be seen as a safe haven for investors, a method of wealth preservation and is still a highly sought-after investment asset. If you are someone who has a very high-risk profile, this fund is for you!

To summarize, Versa Gold is:

  1. Shariah Compliant.
  2. Backed by physical gold.
  3. 0.30% management fee.
  4. 0.03% trustee fee
  5. RM 100 minimum investment.

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