Master budgeting with our 50/30/20 Budget Sheet Template!

Download Versa's FREE 50/30/20 Budget Sheet and start budgeting like a pro today!

Weih, sakit hati (and sakit bank account) to overspend and go over budget every month right 🥲

Well, quit overspending because we’ve got a FREE checklist for you to help get your monthly budget sorted!

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Download Versa's FREE 50/30/20 Budget Sheet and start budgeting like a pro today!

What’s the 50/30/20 budget rule?

This is a popular budgeting guide that helps you allocate your salary efficiently! With this rule, your budget will be clearly budgeted based on 3 main categories — needs (50%), wants (30%) and savings/investments (20%).

By using this rule, you’ll be able to:

✋ Stop being THAT broke friend who lives paycheck to paycheck
🕒 Start paying for essential expenses like rent and utilities ON TIME
🎯 Build financial security and hustle towards long-term financial goals

So when that sweet paycheck comes in, do…

✅ Check your paycheck: Read thoroughly and make sure that all the details and paid amounts check out.
✅ Pay yourself first: Self-love is the best love 💘 Be sure to pour some love for future you by setting money aside for your savings or investments to grow your wealth over time.
🌟 Pro tip: Arrange this to be automatically transferred the day you get your paycheck with our auto debit feature!
✅ Think of your emergency fund: Put money aside specifically for this fund! It is key in helping you pull through any unexpected bumps in the future.
✅ Update your budget: Listing out your essential monthly expenses and potential expenditures can work as your month-to-month financial roadmap. A hack to sorting this out? Using the 50/30/20 rule, duh.

Here’s to brewing your money game as strong as a double shot espresso ☕