Product Designer (UI/UX)


Full Time

The Role & Responsibilities:

Step into the role of a Product Designer with Versa, where each day is a new chapter in crafting a cutting-edge app. From initial user research to developing wireframes & prototypes, you are the storyteller, bringing to life intuitive and engaging features that transform user interactions into immersive experiences. Ready to make a “Versa-tile” impact? Join us and lead the way in redefining digital engagement, one pixel at a time!


  • Define end-to-end UX on various Versa products and collaborate with the Product & Engineering teams
  • Plan, conduct user research and competitor analysis to gain insights through data analysis and qualitative feedback
    • Conduct usability testing to guide the design process
  • Create & translate ideas into user flows, wireframes, mockups & prototypes towards an intuitive user experience
  • Articulate your design decisions to Product, Engineering teams and Management/stakeholders for review and feedback

Job Requirements

  • Designers with a proven track record in UX/UI design:
    • Completed tertiary education in related program/studies with minimum 3 years of working experience as a UI/UX or Product Designer:
      • Has good portfolio(s) demonstrating skills in UX/UI design for mobile app(s)
  • Creative professionals:
    • Who use qualitative & quantitative data to back up design decisions of choice
    • With excellent ability to design polished, high-fidelity mockups & prototypes of solutions by using tools such as Figma, Adobe XD or Balsamiq

Job Description PDF: Versa JD -Product Designer (UI/UX)

About Versa

Established in 2020, Versa is a digital wealth management app dedicated to simplify saving and investing by building good financial habits. Founded by a group of seasoned financial technology entrepreneurs, the app makes saving and investing simple via its partnership with AHAM Capital and highly accessible by introducing low entry amounts, low fees and flexibility that allows users to withdraw anytime without incurring penalties. Versa is regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia and is focused on making more wealth solutions accessible to Malaysians.

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