Analyst, Business Intelligence (BI)


Full Time

The Role & Responsibilities:

As an Analyst, Business Intelligence at Versa, you’ll dive into the mechanics of the Fintech industry and emerge with insights and leverage data to shape our strategic decisions. You’ll craft and refine data models, create intuitive dashboards and provide analytical support to “Versa-lize” our approach that drives Versa’s success. Join us where numbers meet innovation, and your impact is visible across every chart!


  • Transform data into insights that can help to improve the value of the business
    • Collaborate with team members for the purpose of collecting data and executing the company’s purpose
    • Prepare reports, analysis to improve business operations
  • Develop and manage business intelligence solutions (e.g. digital dashboards) for the organization
    • Develop & maintain interactive real-time dashboards using Google Cloud BigQuery, SQL & Google Looker Studio
  • Create and maintain documentation that includes the design, requirements and user manuals for the organization
  • Support business operations (e.g. Customer Service) with request related to customer data

Job Requirements

  • Data enthusiasts with a passion for technology and finance:
    • Completed tertiary education in related program/studies with minimum 1 year working experience in a similar role
  • Emerging professional with excellent organizational & time management and verbal communication & interpersonal skills
  • Analytical wizard with experience in:
    • Forecasting & budgeting combined with understanding of key performance indicators
  • Google Cloud BigQuery, SQL & Google Looker Studio
    • Familiarity in common BI tools will be a plus

Job Description PDF: Versa JD -Analyst, Business Intelligence (BI)

About Versa

Established in 2020, Versa is a digital wealth management app dedicated to simplify saving and investing by building good financial habits. Founded by a group of seasoned financial technology entrepreneurs, the app makes saving and investing simple via its partnership with AHAM Capital and highly accessible by introducing low entry amounts, low fees and flexibility that allows users to withdraw anytime without incurring penalties. Versa is regulated by Securities Commission Malaysia and is focused on making more wealth solutions accessible to Malaysians.

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