Introducing Versa Global-i. Go International with Versa

Introducing Versa Global-i! Invest with Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) on Global Funds.

Ever had thoughts about investing in international funds while using Malaysian Ringgit? Enter Versa Global-i! 🌏

What is Versa Global-i?

This investment fund allows Malaysians like you to spread your investment wings internationally while using Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to do so!

Managed by AHAM Capital with the underlying fund of AHAM Aiiman Global Multi Thematic Fund, Versa Global-i offers Shariah-compliant investors the potential to enjoy capital appreciation over a medium to long-term horizon.

Which sectors or companies does Versa Global-i invest in?

This fund invests in top global companies with a focus on technology and healthcare! Among the ranks are top stock players like Microsoft, Alphabet, Visa, Apple, Amazon, NVIDIA, and more!
Note: The companies above were updated as of 31 Jan 2024. Fund portfolios are subject to changes based on AHAM Capital’s fund managers.

Why Versa Global-i is the investment fund for you?

🪙 There is potential for growth: With the inclusion of top tech companies in this fund, it will continue to drive innovation and outpace the market, as seen in the significant gains of major tech stocks in 2023! 👩‍💻

🪙 You can diversify your investment: Putting your money in a variety of companies across different industries can help investors like you spread out risks 👍

🪙 You get access to the global market: When you hear of companies like Apple, Microsoft or Amazon, you know they’re not just big in the US – they’re big all over the world! And YOU get access to them 😏

Explore Versa Global-i with us now!

This international investment fund features:

💰 0% sales charge: No upfront charges, ensuring more of your investment goes towards growing your wealth! 🪙
💰 100% online: Conveniently manage your investments anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks 🤳
💰 No brokerage fee required: Enjoy hassle-free investing without worrying about additional fees 👍

In summary…
Versa Global-i brings you across investment and country borders by providing you access to global markets, potential for growth and the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio! 🫡✈️

Invest in Versa Global-i with us today!

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