Duit Your Way With Versa

Duit Your Way With VERSA

Why is VERSA so different from other investment platforms in the market? For one, it’s not an investment platform, but a cash management platform.

However, before we discuss what a cash management platform is, let’s breakdown what financial instrument VERSA is most often compared to on the market. 

The Fixed Deposit.

For those who might need some clarification, a fixed deposit is typically a savings account that locks the amount deposited in exchange for a decent interest rate. The duration locked could range from three, six, twelve months or even five years maximum and automatically refreshes. The longer they hold your money, the higher the interest rate that is calculated per year or annum. 

The Fixed Deposit.

However, should you withdraw money from that locked savings account, you lose all interest gained. Yup. 

You get NOTHING but the initial deposit. 

This makes the process of saving using a fixed deposit more akin to leave it or lose it scenario (some banks may offer partial interest for a multi-year-long fixed deposit). If you can afford to leave it in for the long term great, if you can’t too bad, so sad.

So how can a fixed deposit be useful to part-timers, young working adults, and anyone that needs a little flexibility in their savings? 

Are they forced just to let their money sit in the current account with measly interest just because there’s no flexible financial instrument that is available?

Introducing VERSA

VERSA is a Digital Cash Management Platform In Malaysia that works similarly to a fixed deposit. The catch is, you get to take your money out as and when you need it without losing ALL your interest. Wait, what, how?

Well, VERSA is able to calculate your interest on a DAILY basis. This means that instead of waiting for three, six, or twelve months to count your interest, we do it 365 days a year every freaking day. What this means is, you choose when you want to save and how much you want to earn out of your interest.

No more having to decide if you can afford not to touch your money for a year in case of an emergency. You can choose to take it out for an emergency without losing what you’ve already earned. 

Introducing VERSA

Just got your salary today but want to save it for 5 days before you use some of it to pay your bills, go right ahead. That’s 5 days’ worth of interest you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else! Over a year that’s 60 days of interest you definitely can use.

The choice my friend is now yours. With a 1 day withdrawal period, VERSA is not just a cash management platform that you can carry on your phone, it’s the start of a new cash saving and earning lifestyle your parents wish they had.

Try VERSA today and see how its versatility can help you make the best, of your idle cash.    



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