Versa Cash-i

What is Versa Cash-i?

Versa Cash-i is a Shariah-Compliant low-risk cash management fund, which invests in Affin Hwang Aiiman Enhanced i-Profit Fund. The fund is an Islamic money market fund managed by AHAM Capital (formerly known as Affin Hwang Asset Management) and invests in multiple short-term Islamic Fixed Deposits.

You earn when the unit price of the fund increases and it is reflected in your Versa Cash-i balance as you’ll see your balance increase.

With Versa Cash-i, you can

  1. Save in a Shariah-Compliant Money Market Fund
  2. Start with a minimum of RM10
  3. Cash Out anytime, with no penalties
  4. Enjoy net returns of 4.3%+ p.a

While Versa Cash-i is not protected by PIDM, your assets are safeguarded in a separate trust account under Deutsche Trustees Malaysia Berhad.

**T&Cs apply. Learn more.

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