4 Things Worth Spending Your Duit Raya On

4 Ways Make the Most Duit Raya

While we celebrated this year’s Raya with more intimate and virtual gatherings, you might find that you now have some duit Raya on your hands.

Whether received in green packets or through e-wallets, it can be tempting to spend this extra money on treating ourselves. We mean, with the lockdown and rising cases, we could all do with a little pick-me-up. But, before you turn straight to splurging on more clothes and gadgets you don’t really need, take a minute to consider how you can get more out of your money.

Sure, you could save it, invest it, and let it grow. Or, you could spend it, yet not have it go to waste. With so much going on this year, from yet another MCO in Malaysia to the humanitarian crises happening around the world, your money could be put to much better use. Check out these four ways to make spending your duit raya worth it!

1. Donate to Those in Need

Donate to Those in Need

Perhaps the best use of your money right now is to help those in need. You could donate to a local charity for a cause close to your heart, or consider supporting those affected by these current crises:

For civilians caught in the violence in Gaza

For the anti-coup protesters in Myanmar who are fighting for democracy

For the residents of India battling a devastating wave of COVID-19 cases

The money you donate can be used to fund medical treatment, food, shelter, and more essentials. Remember, every little bit helps!

2. Spend on Your Loved Ones

Spend on Your Loved Ones

If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s the importance of our relationships. Since the pandemic started, many of us have faced one of two situations:

One, if you’re living with your family or close friends, you’re seeing a lot more of each other.

Two, if your family and friends live overseas, or even in another state, you’ve barely had a chance to meet – if at all.

Whichever circumstance you’re in, now’s a great time to reflect on your relationships and truly treasure the people in your lives. Consider spending your duit Raya on surprising the people you hold dear. Seeing their happy faces means the money has been well-spent! Treat your family to a lovely dinner, give your parents a little extra money this month, or send your friends and relatives whom you haven’t seen in a while a gift with a lovely card to tell them you’re thinking of them.

3. Invest in Yourself

Invest in Yourself

Times are changing and since the pandemic, we’ve seen big shifts in the way we work. From remote working to virtual everything, thriving in the future means preparing ourselves in the present. Invest in yourself by reading more books or enrolling in online courses that can not only help you secure your job, but potentially earn you more income.

While self-improvement in the career sphere is important, our health should take top priority. If you’ve been neglecting your health (which is perfectly normal considering the changes in our routines and the constant uncertainty), be sure to allocate a portion of your duit raya to bettering it.

For physical health, you could sign up for online gym classes or buy new cooking equipment to help you get into the habit of eating healthier and cheaper. For mental health, it could help to subscribe to a calming meditation app or perhaps make an appointment with a trained therapist if there are things on your mind you’d like to let out in a safe, non-judgmental space.

4. Spend on Something Extra Special

Spend on Something Extra Special

While mindless spending on items you do not need can be wasteful, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend on the things you enjoy. Be it a fine dining experience with your partner for your anniversary, a much-needed massage after a stressful season at work, or a camera you’ve been eyeing for months, if it will make you happy and create memories you can treasure forever, it’s money worth spending!