In Cinemas Now: A Free Movie Ticket and RM 3K Lucky Draw Prizes

25th April – 30th June 2022

2022 has an exciting line-up of movies that you don’t want to miss – especially to watch it in the cinemas. We know that the cinema experience just hits different. 

For movie lovers, we have a surprise just for you! We’re giving away free tickets and a chance to save smarter and better. 

In this article:

How to Get Your Free TGV Movie Ticket

A seat at your favourite cinema is waiting for you! Get your TGV Movie Pass to redeem a movie ticket to watch 2022’s biggest releases.

Just follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the app. You can download it here
  2. Open the app. Don’t forget to key in the Promo Code TGVXVERSA
  3. Complete onboarding. Your details are important for us to keep your account safe and secure
  4. To activate the Sign Up Code and claim your Bonus, make a first deposit of at least RM100 into Versa Cash.

Once you have completed all the steps above and your account has been verified, we will send one free TGV Movie Pass to your email registered with Versa.

Hurry and get your free movie ticket now!

Done all the steps above?

You’re now in the running for our Lucky Draw!

Automatically join the TGVXVERSA Lucky Draw: RM3,000 Cash Up for Grab

We hope you’re feeling lucky! You could be one of the winners of cash prizes up to RM3,000.

Once you’ve signed up with the Promo Code TGVXVERSA and made a first deposit of at least RM100 upon registration, you will automatically be entered into our Lucky Draw. 

Each winner will be randomly selected. We will announce the 3 lucky users one week after the campaign ends.


How do I claim my free TGV Movie Pass?

Download the app here. Enter your name and the Promo Code TGVXVERSA. Once you have completed onboarding, make a first deposit of at least RM100.

When will I receive my TGV Movie Pass ?

Our team will send the free TGV Movie Pass every Friday by 6 PM.

To qualify, you must ensure that your account is verified and your RM100 deposit in the app has been processed before Thursday, 11:59pm. Take note that the first deposit may take up to 5 business days to be reflected in your Versa account, which includes your account verification.

For more information about your deposit reflecting in your Versa balance, click here


Scenario 1: Account verified & deposit processed before Thursday, 11.59 PM

  1. Alex makes his first RM100 deposit and his account is verified by the cut-off time of Thursday, 11:59pm. 
  2. Alex will receive his Movie Pass the following day on Friday, by 6 PM. Just in time to book a weekend movie!

Scenario 2: Account verified & deposit processed after Thursday, 11.59 PM

  1. Alex makes his first RM100 deposit and his account is verified after the cut-off time of Thursday, 11:59pm. 
  2. Alex will receive his Movie Pass via email the following week’s Friday. 

How do I redeem my TGV Movie Pass?

Step 1: Launch the TGV Cinemas App and select your movie

Step 2: Select the date, location, and session. Select your seat and tap Continue

Step 3: Key in the voucher code and click Submit

Step 4: Reduce the Classic/Deluxe/Glide Ticket to 0. Add the Voucher Tickets to 1. Click Continue

Step 5: Click Pay Now and proceed to pay the cash top-up (if any) and processing fee

The QR Code/e-Ticket will be provided on the Confirmation Page.

My first deposit is RM10. After that, I deposited RM90 to meet the minimum deposit of RM100. Am I still eligible to claim my free TGV movie ticket? 

Unfortunately, we require a minimum first deposit of RM100 immediately upon onboarding. This allows us to track and activate the promo code.

I am an existing Versa user. Can I enter the Lucky Draw?

This event is only available to new users who use the Promo Code TGVXVERSA

I am a new Versa user. How do I enter the Lucky Draw?

Simply make a new Versa account and enter the Promo Code TGVXVERSA when you sign up. Complete onboarding and make sure you have deposited a minimum of RM100 immediately.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The campaign period is from 25th April 2022 to 30th June 2022.
  2. Versa is only available for Malaysians aged 18 and above who own an Identification Card (IC) and a Savings Account.
  3. This campaign is open to new users who are not current or past users of Versa. The new user must fulfil the conditions stated in the campaign within the campaign period to be eligible for the reward.
  4. The TGV Movie Pass reward is limited to the first 5,000 users.
  5. TGV Movie Passes can be redeemed for a movie screening in TGV’s Classic Hall. However, a cash top-up is required if users chooses to redeem the Movie Pass for the other halls such as Beanie, IMAX, etc.
  6. Each Movie Pass retail price is between RM19 – RM23, depending on the cinema location.
  7. In order to be eligible for the free TGV Movie Pass, the new users are required to complete onboarding and make a first minimum deposit of RM100 into Versa Cash (Enhanced Deposit Fund) immediately upon creating their account
  8. The TGV Movie Pass will be emailed to the users’ email registered with Versa within 10 business days after confirmation of the first RM100 minimum deposit and upon verifying that the user’s account.  
  9. Each Movie Pass is valid for 60 days only. Unredeemed tickets within the given days will no longer be valid. 
  10. Each new user can redeem one (1) Movie Pass only. 
  11. To be selected to win the Lucky Draw prizes, new users must sign up with the Promo Code TGVXVERSA, complete onboarding, and deposit a minimum of RM100 immediately within the campaign period.  
  12. The Lucky Draw winners will be selected at random.
  13. The Lucky Draw winners will be informed via their email registered with their Versa account at the end of the campaign. In the event that the winners do not respond, Versa reserves the right to forfeit the prize. 
  14. Only accounts that are created and verified within the campaign period will be counted as eligible for the campaign..
  15. Versa will not disclose any information related to users’ eligibility and information regarding their application status. 
  16. Versa will not entertain the addition and switching of codes when an account has been created with or without an existing code.
  17. Versa reserves the right to alter or modify the campaign mechanics at any time.
  18. Versa reserves the right to terminate and decline to grant the reward if in any event Versa determines that there may have been fraudulent activity or a violation of the terms stated.
  19. By participating in this Campaign, the eligible participants hereby expressly agree to be bound by these terms & conditions and any decisions made by Versa in respect of the campaign shall be final and binding.